/ Phasecraft

Launching a disruptive quantum computing company


  • Research & Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
  • Messaging & Positioning


  • Brand Identity
  • Design System
  • Print Collateral


  • Website Design
  • CSS Animation
  • Headless CMS Development

A new identity for an elite doctoral research team who are using disruptive theory to unlock the power of quantum computing. Phasecraft needed to show their move from academia into a corporate entity — and bring out the rebel in them.

The Phasecraft marque represents a wave pattern as well as a qubit (a quantum bit) on a sphere. By phasing from ‘nothing’ to ‘something’ to ‘nothing’ again, it is also a visualisation of the brand concept. Namely, that Phasecraft are making theory a reality but acknowledge the future is still uncertain. It also visually represents how the team are moving beyond writing academic papers, and are now using their theories to bring the technology of the future — into today.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
— Albert Einstein

We believe the best scientists are the ones that don't follow the rules. Based on our customer research and stakeholder interviews, our strategy led us to focus on Phasecraft's quietly disruptive nature. An unconventional colour palette, tech-inspired sans typeface and high contrast across the website hit just the right tone.

"We had a great experience working with How & How. They engaged closely with a very abstract brief and helped us to articulate what we were looking for in our brand.

"The team were very professional, helpful and responsive throughout, and produced a beautiful and distinctive end product that really captures the concept behind our company."

Ashley Montanaro

Co-Founder, Phasecraft