/ Digital Days Logo & System

Digital Days is a teaching academy of workshops, training days and online courses which help businesses with marketing and growing their brand online.

The company needed a new brand identity, brand system and social media system which could articulate the clarity and consistency with which they help other brands navigate the complex digital environment of online marketing.

Working closely with the founder we created a brand identity that was playful yet professional. We developed a brand character whose main functional and emotional need was of “creative control”. This reflected how each Digital Days customer used the structured courses - which are packed with practical strategies and business advice - in a bespoke, “creative” way which suited their own individual needs. 

We developed several mood-boards inspired by the company’s name and its suggestion of planners, organisational tools and calendars. We distilled this into a colour palette of soft pink, oat, moss and teal to give the impression of paper and stationery products.

We also looked at graphical representations of dates - and were drawn to the forward slashes in the delimiters of “day, month and year” in a calendar: “ / / “ . We liked how this literally represented “Days”. By flipping these slashes horizontally and stacking them on-top of each other, we created a hashtag which also literally represented “Digital”. 

Seven brand textures (each named after days of the week) were developed from the slashes, hashtag and date punctuation marks.