/ Block Experiments

Experiments with adding character and behaviour to basic building blocks. We looked at textures, motions and developed a series of animated icons as a set of secondary assets. Part of a campaign for an engineering company.

We were interested in how to add character to a basic geometric shape as a way of conveying complex information in a simple, stylistic way. Animating blocks — giving them 'anima' / having a 'true inner self' — was a way of giving them personality and resonance with viewers. So we whirled, twirled, bounced and split them so they could tell a story about a complicated engineering firm and its processes in an accessible way. We also explored some line-based icon illustrations too.

block party — block party — block party — block party —block party — block party — block party — block party —

We also experimented with shadow as a way of giving blocks more solidity during animation. We liked the interplay of 2D and motion to create something 3D out of something essentially 'flat'.