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Creating a trust movement for a freshly-minted Unicorn

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Veriff have seen near exponential growth making them the latest Unicorn to rise from Estonia’s thriving tech scene. Their ascent has been, so far, down to one thing: excellent technology that solves the very real — and very expensive — problem of identity fraud online. But this growth was being hampered by their image, and their consumer touchpoints were lagging behind their progressive world-class product. It was time for a freshly minted brand.

Are you who you say you are?

Good & Bad Actors

A problem we had to solve in our modular, inclusive illustration system for Veriff, was the conception and implementation of different verified states. Not all anonymous states online are bad. Whistleblowers need the protection of anonymity in order to do what they do. But fraudsters and trolls commit crime under the cloak of digital anonymity. This meant our system had to represent verified, un-verified and declined states without them necessarily being portrayed as wrongdoers. So accidental, as well as purposefully obscured faces, were woven into the system.

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"How&How was a remarkable partner in building Veriff’s new brand expression and website. The studio guided us through the full journey of the brand universe starting from defining our brand strategy to the final design of the new upgraded brand.

"We loved the team’s creativity and skillset as they built all the exciting digital assets, illustrations and animations that makes our new brand stand out so well. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional team!"

Karita Sall

Head of Global Communications & Brand, Veriff

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