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Growing fuzz for a tree-planting browser app

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design / Brand Identity

digital / UI Kit, Website Design, Website Development

Adding fuzz to Freetree—a simple browser extension that turns barren landscapes into lush forests, at no cost to the consumer.

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Our Icon

The Cursor Tree

The Freetree icon was a fusion between the two most integral elements of the brand: a cursor and a tree. A cursor is a position indicator on a computer display screen—used to help navigate digital interfaces and therefore to shop online. We tilted our cursor slightly, added more 'pine tree' shaping; and created a fusion between the two. The cursor became the tree, and the tree became the cursor.

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Addicted to trees!

We introduced three tree planting levels to reward Freetree users for participating in making their shopping greener. Levels are represented by tree badges, that are awarded according to the number of trees the user has helped to plant so far.

Leveraging gamification cues was a way to increase user participation, by making the task of tree-planting a satisfying, feel-good behaviour.

Our Payment

Pay us in trees, please!

Although there was budget in this project, we asked Freetree and Ecosia to waive our fee and ‘pay us in trees’ instead. We're thrilled our work helped to plant 60,000 trees as a result!

"It's been a great pleasure to work with How&How on the rebrand and website of Freetree. The team was very professional, enthusiastic and engaged—they came up with a lot of great creative ideas. Our feedback was always taken into account and we managed to finish everything on time. I'm looking forward to working with them all again!"

Christian Kroll

CEO, Ecosia

With big fuzzy thanks to Ecosia CEO Christian and design lead Matthias—our wonderful clients and collaborators who made this joyful project happen!

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