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Turning conservation inside out for an endangered species charity

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Since when does conservation have to be so conservative? A zesty brand for Nature's new digital media agency.

Colour Palette


Our colour palette was inspired by the phenomenon of bioluminescence as an animal's 'conservation' response. More and more creatures (including corals) are adapting to their heating climates and environments by using bioluminescence as a defence mechanism (The Economist, 2019).

By entering this alert mode to drive away predators and protect against danger, bright neons could be seen as Nature's own form of conservation.

Primary Typeface

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Gentoo Penguin

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The internet. It’s given us endless access to information, made communication more efficient, and doing business incredibly easy. And like, have you ever tried TikTok? It’s done a world of good, but recently it’s done the world bad. An unnatural side effect of the growing connectedness to data and our second cousins on Facebook is that it’s made us more distant from the natural world. Our world.

Programs to get people back into the outdoors are great, but it’s time someone tries to fix the problem from the inside. On the Edge are using the internet to fight the internet; deploying rapid creative experiments that toss out the old rulebook of conservation and completely rethink how to reach the most critical generations for avoiding a climate catastrophe. They're turning conservation inside out.

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“We're thrilled to have worked with How&How who are creative partners in the very best sense. We had a shape of where we want to take our brand and they deepened our understanding of it and brought it to life."

From technical details of web design to sweeping brand strategy, graphic design and animation they're professional and delightful to work with.”

Will McNamara

Director of Marketing & Communications, On the Edge

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