/ Intergiro

Launching an evolutionary business bank


  • Brand Strategy
  • Persona Strategy
  • Purpose & Positioning


  • Brand Identity
  • Illustration
  • Iconography

Developing a new strategic position and refreshed brand identity for Intergiro — a Stockholm-based fintech company building innovative banking solutions exclusively for modern businesses.

The work we did with Intergiro on refreshing their brand strategy, messaging, positioning and brand identity, did not just stop there.

We have continued working with the team as their retained digital design agency — helping to bring campaigns, social media, digital marketing, content strategy and 3D animations to life.

"My company has worked with How & How for the last 12 months and the experience has been so so positive. Rog and Cat How are very different individually but they combine to offer a really unique blend of strategic direction and hands-on creative inspiration. I highly recommend them and their agency."

Nick Root

CEO, Intergiro