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emm is a healthcare and femtech revolutioniser. A world-first smart cup. Through wearable-tech and accurate, personalised data, it gives women valuable awareness of their menstrual health. We partnered with emm to shift the health management dynamic, putting them in the hands of the individual who understands their body inside, out.



In a category defined by unheard voices and invalidated experiences, we worked closely with emm to turn a monthly inconvenience into a positive health experience. To help them open new conversations between patients and doctors, using data to nurture effective care and better health outcomes, particularly when it came to periods.

We built on this brand strategy, creating a new visual identity and tone-of-voice that reflects the inherent, cyclical movements of periods. Specifically: waves. From the different phases of the menstrual cycle, the metaphorical tides of symptoms that are felt, as well as the shape of the product itself; waves lie at the heart of this experience. They were integral to emm's brand idea: Catch Your Wave. On the surface it reflects the product's ability to capture blood. But at its core, it speaks to an opportunity — the opportunity to use tech to do something new with your health and fundamentally transform it.

The Solution


Around 26% of the global population menstruate. A highly universal yet an incredibly personal and individual experience. It’s a monthly occurrence permeated with variables. From the length of a cycle, the quantity and quality of blood, to a huge array of symptoms. Further complicated by an overbearing education gap—turning a natural process into a stigmatised experience. 

It’s a missed opportunity for changing the quality of someone’s life. Period health is a window to overall health. By arming women with the facts to make more informed health decisions, emm are revolutionising it.

"We’re so grateful that How&How agreed to work with Emm on building our brand. We've been blown away by the result: it has a life of its own beyond what we ever imagined for it. This brand is our platform to build a relationship with consumers that will have a fundamental impact on their quality of life. Through our collaboration with the How&How team we have a brand that has a clear, powerful voice that will connect with people across the diversity of the female experience.

"We all felt the care and responsibility that How&How exercised in building an expression of our company vision with us. They are partners that any company would dream of.”

Jenny Button

Founder & CEO

Huge thanks to the visionary U.K. emm team—Jenny, Sabina, Chris and Annie—for being such keen, kind and considerate collaborators. Onwards!

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