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Harnessing magnetic attraction in the rebrand of a CX platform

Magnetic Fields

The "Search" Field

The AIQ icon is based on the shape of a search bar — a device used by customers in their online Googles which the company collects and analyses.

Spun out into a cluster, these bars become magnetic filaments which are drawn towards a central gravitational point, i.e. the consumer.

Art Direction

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Putting AIQ’s customers at the heart of our strategic thinking, our rebrand work was inspired by the Aurora Borealis and magnetic pathways—natural phenomena where force-fields wrap enigmatically around the earth.

Much like an electromagnet, which draws order from chaos, AIQ pull together digital desire lines of consumer data, helping enterprise organisations attract clusters of customer insights and bring them sharply into focus.

How&How was a critical partner in AIQ's brand evolution. The H&H team helped us turn a big visionary idea into a beautiful living and breathing brand which speaks to who we are as a company. The team is top-notch, delivers above and beyond expectations, and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Ryan Green

Director of Product Marketing

From the moment the work started, until our final phases together, it was clear How&How's processes and working style were rooted in positivity, open collaboration and approachable design. This was a recipe for an incredible output that hit our goals and exceeded our expectations. Not only is the work exceptional and in a class of its own, the people who make up How&How couldn't be more of a pleasure to work with at every turn.

Katharine Lucić

Senior Product Manager

With thanks to Katharine, Ryan—and everyone else from AIQ in San Francisco who made this work happen!

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