/ Forgotten Forests

Growing hope for the environmental benefits of restoring sea kelp forests


  • Campaign Strategy


  • Graphic Design


  • Animation

Growing hope for SeaForester in a campaign to raise awareness of the immense environmental benefits of restoring kelp forests.

SeaForester aims to reverse the alarming disappearance of seaweed forests in the world in order to safeguard the oceans’ vital role of carbon sequestration, maintaining fish stocks and securing the planet’s wellbeing. It does this by initiating, managing and encouraging seaweed reforestation projects worldwide.

Devastating environmental loss of seaweed is unfolding without any significant public awareness. To address that void, SeaForester aims to communicate and educate the public, as well as the scientific, political and business communities, of the far-reaching benefits of seaweed.

SeaForester's mission is simply to restore the forgotten forests in our ocean.

“We were delighted when How&How decided to take up our seaweed cause and work on this crucial environmental issue with us. Seaweed forests are disappearing rapidly around the world and we need to pay close attention.

"The beautiful detail created by Cat and her team of the seaweed plants does true justice to the amazing biodiversity found in these ecosystems, and to the story of their disappearance. We're truly happy with the results."

Axel Bugge

Communication Director & Co-Founder, SeaForester