/ What is a Brand System?

A Brand System is how design elements work together to visualise a brand. A strong system — which works together cohesively with clarity and distinction — is the backbone of a solid corporate identity.

During a branding process, there is always a time of flux — a pivotal point between logo creation, colour selection and brand validation — where we try and nail down the core characteristics of a brand. A client will like a logo, but be unsure, perhaps, about the colour. They need to be convinced of it working as a whole with all the other assets we were developing around it.

We developed what we call a Brand System — a collection of design elements that together make a meaningful unit. Combined, they allow all a brand's communication to speak in one consistent voice. All of these touch-points are connected to form a complex, yet coherent, representation of your brand.

It is worth bearing in mind that a Brand System is not a "set-in-stone" Brand Guidelines, or even a Toolkit; more an emotional exploration of how a brand could look in a number of different applications, and working alongside art direction and type. For us, this is a point where we can express what a brand would look like if it could let it's hair down, drink a glass of champagne and be itself — which is always an exciting stage of the process.

When we create a brand system here are the things that we include.


An image, text or shape that when combined depicts the name and purpose of your company. On a deeper level, it has to convey the attributes, values and personality of your company too.

Brand Colour Palette:

A unique colour combination that expresses the personality of your brand. 

Brand Font:

A set of fonts that convey the personality of your brand. Different fonts evoke different emotions, so choosing them is an art. There are three main groups — serif, san serif and script.

Brand Marque

A graphical symbol which becomes the primary visual signifier of a brand.

Brand Pattern / Textures

A pattern made from elements of the Logo, Brand Marque or other graphical assets generated in the production of a brand identity.

Art Direction

Any imagery or photography which is art-directed, treated or digitally manipulated in a way that reflects or represents the brand.


The use of brand fonts in the size of paragraphs and copy; as well as how messaging interacts with logos and other brand marques.


The ratios and distribution between your brand elements. Here is where the brand elements come together to form a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. It is an opportunity