Cat How discusses Salary, Secrecy & Lies on the NDA Podcast

Do you know how much your boss earns... and would they tell you if you asked?

Thought not. Maybe this should change?

All our team at How&How know how much our founders earn (as well as their dividend payouts and stock options) as we believe in a transparent, tiered salary system where women are paid exactly the same as men.

Our co-founder and creative director, Cat How, discusses these issues in Salaries, Secrecy & Lies in an explosive podcast for NDA, where she chats with host Katie Cadwell about: 

→ how our company are neutralising the gender pay gap

→ why people should get promoted before they ask

→ why we believe passionately in publishing salaries on all our job ads

→ why negotiating salaries can be anxiety-inducing for people

→ why money isn't everything… but it still helps to have some of the most competitive salaries around

You can find the Podcast on Spotify or Apple here.

2 / 10

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