/ Penguin Books: Ladybird Winter Campaign

We were asked by Penguin Books to design a six-week Winter Campaign for Ladybird Books—Penguin’s imprint of children’s books for 0-7s. Our Little Big Year was a campaign which examined 2020 through the lens of data visualisations, using warmth and humour to help visualise a complicated and arguably difficult year.

As Ladybird wrote, "2020 has certainly been a year like no other. From lockdowns to home-schooling to big and little worries, it’s been a tricky time for everyone. And somewhere amidst all of this, there’ve also been moments of real magic—and magical people. We know that lots of you and your little ones have gone through big milestones this year and that 2020 is a year we won’t forget.⁠"

The amazing team at Ladybird conducted interviews, ran polls and surveys, and researched huge amounts of facts and figures which were then distilled into 20 pictures and animations which told the story of 2020.

Using a "risograph" noise technique alongside a bold colour palette which combined primary colours with fluorescent pink; we also art directed a shoot to add a photographic dimension to the visualisation pack too.