Oddjobs: all welcome at H&H!

Pot washer. Journalist. Drug dealer. Lawyer. Builder. Cigarette packer. Librarian. Top 40 Chart Show Producer. Supermarket ‘cheese cube’ promoter. Ice cream dolly. Fish gutter. Sandwich delivery driver. Bartender. Erm, Royal Money Counter?

Our team at How&How have all been one of these. Because no-one is ever just a #designer #producer #strategist #copywriter #developer. We all have job skeletons in our closet. And we’re searching for job-seekers with curious job-skeletons too.

We actively look for people who’ve done different things. Because doing different things, makes you think in different ways. 

If you want to join our team of #oddjobs — then browse our current openings on our Careers Page here :)

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