/ Marketing Animations for Second Home

Founded in London in 2014 by Rohan Silva and Samuel Aldenton — Second Home is a group of creative workspaces and cultural venues in London, Los Angeles and Lisbon. With a focus on architecture and community integration, the founders’ vision was to make greener, smarter, more creative workspaces that facilitate collaboration and new ways of thinking.

Our Brief

We’ve been working from the London and Lisbon locations for almost 3 years now, growing alongside the plants in their beautiful offices. Earlier this year, we worked alongside their in-house team on a series of animations and motion graphics for their social media feed.

A design problem we had to solve was in showing complex information (such as prices, Membership bundles and Day Pass Rates) alongside bold and bright imagery of their biophilic workspaces. As the spaces are so luscious, photography had to trump all — so we developed a series of stickers, sliding orbs and roundels to try to help tell marketing stories (through animation) in more succinct ways.


Second Home are a hybrid company that combines workspaces, bookshops and an event calendar that pulls in thinkers and leaders from filmmaker David Lynch to philosopher Carlo Rovelli. Their emphasis is on biophilic design — unlocking the brain’s creative juices with workspaces that mimic nature and ease us into ‘flow’ state.


Sustainability is high up on the Second Home agenda. Every energy-efficient smart workspace is built within a repurposed building and filled with rainforest plants and natural light. Recently they even turned the parking lot of the LA site into a baby forest for over 6,500 native Californian trees and plants.


Diversity is one of their big ones too. They balance the membership between a wide range of industries and disciplines to ensure that you’re never working within a bubble, calling their mix ‘a perfect storm for creative collaboration and innovation.’


Working much like a propagator for startup germination, Second Home offer investor introductions, pitch advice, mentor suggestions, networking events: pretty much everything a small business needs to create community and flourish.