/ Leftright Thinking: a Manifesto

Lef・t・rig・ht thin・kin・g | Leftright Thinking: def. (latin / anglo saxon)
Plural: Leftright Thought. Common ref: “twoism”

1. The belief that great minds don’t think alike. They think differently, and both positions are equally valid.

2. The belief that humans are multifaceted and in order to celebrate this diversity through the work we produce — equal weighting should be given to different strengths, sexes and skillsets. 

Some say three is the magic number, but for us two is the one that counts. There is no yin without yang, no night without day, no pain without pleasure, no cold without heat. You can’t experience one thing properly without the foil of its opposite to make you understand it altogether more completely.

Setting up an agency with your equal half crystallizes this view. Of course my husband and I could have done it without each other, but our offering wouldn’t be half as rich… and where’s the fun in that anyway?

Leftright thinking is a term we’ve coined for a set of egalitarian beliefs which we’ve baked into the structure of our company — from an ideas and skills meritocracy to equal pay (we’ve made a company-wide decision to put all of us on exactly the same salary — from directors to designers alike). So no gender / age / race pay gap. The. Same.

Basically — everyone is as important as everyone else. Because... well, we are! If there is one thing the pandemic and protests of Spring 2020 taught us, it is that black and white are and have to be equal. That bus drivers and hospital janitors are and have to be just as important as judges and politicians. 

At How & How we see diversity as a strength. Working from London and Lisbon, we balance naturally opposing positions to amplify the brands of our clients. Strategy and design. Pragmatism and optimism. Form and function. Head and heart. Us and… you?

We celebrate both sides of being human to create articulate and emotional brands which engage with their followers, as much as they move your bottom line. 

— Cat How, Creative Director & Co-Founder