/ A Change is Better than a Rest

It’s said that “a change is better than a rest”. The months since March have certainly involved a lot of change. But for many of us I'm sure, also not much rest.

But I’d argue that rest is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Because if we pick apart that adage, we realise it’s a paradox. Change is always happening. Even when we rest, we’re caught up in change in some way. It’s an intrinsic part of life. 

"We're in the change game. Taking an idea, a message or a brand and making it into something better. Always better."

Perhaps what the last few months have taught us is that change can come in many different flavours, and in different strengths of dose. The disruptive global change brought about by the pandemic is bittersweet — we never felt more alone; but arguably never felt more united. Humans suffered immeasurably; but the natural world (with the exception of the Amazon rainforest at the hands of Bolsonaro) was gifted a much-needed, momentary respite from the havoc we've been wreaking on it.

So while the world is pivoting in a new more ‘obvious’ change direction, it makes sense that we have too.

As a design agency we’re in the change game. We visualise change for our clients — taking an idea, a message or a brand and reshaping it into something better. Always better. 

So launching our new brand and website at this time felt like a gifted opportunity. Something we've been working on for a while, emerged at a time when we could distil our position and articulate our purpose with even greater clarity and conviction.

For us, our purpose is equality.

As an agency our mission is to balance elements we can control, in order to bring about the best manifestation of change for our clients. Strategy and design. Practicality and creativity. Pragmatism and optimism. Form and function. Thought and action. Purpose and change. Even the way women think and the way men think. Because I believe we do think differently — and this is something to be celebrated. 

How & How is the literal marriage of these two ways of thinking between myself and my husband, Rog How. We believe this approach makes the change we create more considered. More complete. More meaningful. Not too dry, but not too outlandish either.

Design is our currency. Change is our output. Rest is a paradox. And anyway — what's the point of sitting on our laurels when there's always so much to do?

— Cat How, Creative Director & Co-Founder