/ WSP Process Explainer Video

We storyboarded, designed and animated a short explainer video for WSP in the UK. The brief was to create a way for their clients, and other internal departments, to understand the value behind their process—also known as the Whole System Approach. We had to communicate that how WSP do what they do, is just as important as what they do.

Using the messaging, "Understand the Challenges / Build new Solutions / Transform the Future" we developed a simple graphic hook based on the concept of deconstruction. We saw the reduction—and the 'breaking down' of complexity—as a way to better understand the future.

We broke WSP's process down into modular, 'animated' blocks. These were then built back better into a clearer, more consistent vision for the future—where the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Alongside internal stakeholder research, campaign strategy, copywriting and the creation of the animation; we also oversaw the selection of the voiceover—conducting and directing the VO sessions as well as selecting and mixing the music.

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