/ Best Tools for Remote Working

There are lots of different apps out there, designed to help you and your team work more efficiently in our new virtual landscape.

With our two remote teams operating out of the UK and Portugal, we've been working remotely for many years and have found these an invaluable resource. We thought we'd share some of our favourites.



Miro is an online whiteboard for remote team collaboration, which has revolutionised how we work in the studio. It’s intuitive, flexible and dynamic — and allows all of us to jump in and write, draw and post thoughts and ideas. You can also do video chats through the platform too — so everyone can see drawings and work happening during the call at the same time.



Monday is something we use every day of the week — not just on a Monday! It’s a solid project management tool that is easily customisable and has great UI. We create boards for the team or individual ‘To Dos’ which we populate with rows, called “pulses”. Our studio manager is able to drag and drop into our work lists, and with the help of a timeline feature it has really increased productivity.



Trello is great for organising plans and projects in a visual way. We use it mostly to create moodboards, where we contribute images to boards which we can drag and drop accordingly. It’s also great for working through lists with our developers or clients on projects too.



Evernote is more functional, and less visual. But it is great as a really glorified To Do list and has more and more features which make better all the time.



Slack is the mother of all instant messaging apps. Communication in Slack happens in channels, which you can organise however you want — by project, topic or team. We have different channels for different areas of the business; as well as other ones for projects we have with clients. We are completely addicted to it, but think the video call and screen-sharing capabilities could use a little work.



Whereby was found as a solution to the problems we were having with the screen-sharing capabilities of Slack. We now use Whereby for all our internal agency video calls between our creative director and her one-to-ones with designers. It’s niche, but performs well in its vertical.



We use Hangouts to book in smaller client meetings (like one-on-ones with marketing managers), as you can schedule catch-ups through calendars directly. It's a solid option for a group chat with up to 10 people, but we use Zoom for larger client kick-offs when there are more than 10 people involved.



It has enjoyed a surge in popularity since the COVID lockdown, and despite having some bad press relating to privacy issues, it is still the best kid on the block for larger conference calls of 10 people or more.

Gather Content


Gather Content performs a very particular function, which is the organisation and production of effective content — especially for websites. Perfect for designing and implementing content-heavy projects, it keeps everything in one place — and the UI is lovely.

Last Pass


With all the apps we use on a daily basis, we found we needed somewhere safe and secure to store all our passwords and login details. Last Pass was by far and away the best password manager and password generator we found, and we haven’t looked back since.