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Our mission is to grow our team with the finest thinkers, most talented creatives and sharpest minds—no matter their background or discipline.

Team Retreat 2023

The Perks︎

  • 01.
    9 Day Fortnight with every other Friday off 💤

    Yes. We value rest and pay you to take some time to reboot. This Friday is on us!

  • 02.
    6 Month Reviews with Bonus Opportunities 💶

    If you do a great job, we give you more money. Simple as that

  • 03.
    28 Days Holiday 🧳

    This is *additional* to our fortnightly rest days. 53 in total! So some serious R&R

  • 04.
    Skills & Training Allowance 🧠

    £1,000/a year per person to improve your craft & knowledge. And help you grow

  • 05.
    Open, Equal & Transparent Pay Brackets 💸

    We publish all our salary tiers internally and the same job roles are paid exactly the same. Because we think that's fair

  • 06.
    Meeting-free fridays 🤙

    For the Fridays we are working, it gives time to catch up on projects without interruption

  • 07.
    Based from the office with up to 50% WFH 🏡

    We love being together and homeworking in equal measure. Long live laundry days and online shopping deliveries

  • 08.
    Two Week Work Anywhere! 🏖

    We're proudly international, and encourage working from anywhere with good WiFi and reasonable time-zone

  • 09.
    Biophilic Plant-Filled Coworking Space 🌴

    Resident Second Home Membership with permanent desk in Lisbon / London / Hollywood with access to the cultural program of talks and social events

  • 10.
    Zero Ego Hiring Policy 🚫

    We believe the best work happens in collaboration. So we only hire open-minded, brilliant team players

  • 11.
    Equal Male/Female Team 👩‍🎤👩🏽‍💻🙋🏼‍♀️

    We think girls are great, so we hire lots of us. We only hire guys who are just as good

  • 12.
    Visa Sponsorship 📃

    We can help sponsor your Visa in the UK! We are working hard to be able to do the same in Portugal.

  • 13.
    Work Together Allowance ✈️

    £1,000/a year per person for trips and accommodation between London and Lisbon

  • 14.
    Buddy System 👯‍♀️

    Everyone has a buddy to check in with - £20/month per pair to grab a coffee/beer and have a chat. Get to know one another, discuss agency life & help each other

  • 15.
    Cross-Skill Training 🤹🏻

    Giving you the ability to improve on overall performance with cross training by strengthening one’s skillset. Shadow a teammate to learn a new skill or teach one

  • 16.
    Inclusive Workplace Policy 💛

    Option to work 100% remotely if neurodiverse or a person with disability that requires

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